It's great - just like Mum's and Dad's!

Cute it may be, but this is no toy. The SRX 120R looks, feels and rides much like a full-size Yamaha, so it's the perfect way to introduce our younger generation to the thrills and the fun of snowmobiling.
They'll be learning too, because from its compact, smooth-running OHV engine to its easily-handled brakes, steering, suspension and track, this smart, sporty-looking machine shares the mechanical principles of its larger siblings and is every inch a 'real' snowmobile. So when the time arrives, the transition to their own full-size Yamaha will come easily and naturally.
In the meantime, the SRX 120R promises you real family fun out on the snow - and won't they just love it?


123 cc, 4-takt OHV-motor
Begränsad toppfart - ca 13 km/h
Justerbar bakfjädring i 3 lägen
Framvagn med dubbla A-armar
Camso drivmatta för bästa fäste
Utmärkt sittposition för bästa balans & kontroll
Smalt styre för smidiga köregenskaper
Styre med "J-hooks" - precis som de fullstora maskinerna
Ergonomisk och bekväm dyna
Tuff design - inspirerad av Sidewinder-modellerna
Tuff färgsättning och grafik - som de stora skotrarna
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